What is the best way for me to start my Face-Shine Training?

  1. To get started, try our First-Timer’s Workout “Let’s Shine”.
  2. Practice the 4 excercises from the First-Timer’s Workout at least once a day, ideally for 4 weeks. That way you give your facial muscles an efficient basic training and yourself a quick first Shine effect.
  3. After these 4 weeks continue with our Intermediate Workout “Shine It On!” or take advantage of our special offer: Up to €20 off of our full subscription option (3 or 6 months).
  4. With our full subscription options you get unlimited access to ALL workouts and ALL excercises for facial area, graded by requirements and levels of difficulty. You determine your individual program, according to your level of training and daily committment – until you achieve your personal “Shine Perfection”.

Here’s a suggestion: Before you start your training, take a selfie as a souvenir! A mere few weeks later your face will look quite different – you’ll see the changes yourself!

Last not least: Keep your Face-Shine Training a secret. Wait until you get your first compliment for a refreshed and radiant look! Then feel free to recommend us! 🙂

Start now! Our workouts are available 24/7. Get your training.