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We, Uschi & Zorica, are convinced that each and everone of us can make significant and relevant contributions to preserve and indeed improve the youthful and natural looks of our faces in a self-determined way. The facial muscles can be trained with specific and systematic training. The skin directly above the muscles is pulled taut, minimising wrinkles automatically. Functional training works, and not only for the body parts below the shoulders. Yet here, too, regularity and committment make all the difference. Which is just why we have founded Face-Shine Training, as it is a different matter enirely to read instructions in a book or to be guided along the way to your personal shine effect by our face-to-face training. Subscribers will find additional inspiration in our regular newsletters and blog postings.

You want to write an article about facial muscle training or natural anti-aging? We will be glad to put information and suggestions at your disposal and invite you to a personal free try-out to make you feel personally how Face-Shine Training works. Feel free to contact us via

For your convenience, we have listed a few articles and interviews below in which our services have been mentioned.

Woman, Mai 2016
Die Entfaltung

WIR in der Praxis, Juni 2016
Trainieren statt Spritzen

Maxima, April 2016
Natürliches Lifting

Eurag, April 2016
Artikel, Februar 2016
Face-Shine Training für straffe Gesichtsmuskeln

Wienerin, November 2015
Reine Formsache
Wer den Körper trainiert, sollte nicht auf das Gesicht vergessen

Kurier, Juli 2012
Mein Workout: Face Yoga
Fitness im persönlichen Härtetest. Diesmal: Face Yoga

Online Kurier, Juli 2012
Mein Workout: Face Yoga
Fitness im persönlichen Härtetest. Diesmal: Face Yoga

Die Presse, Mai 2012
Gesichtsyoga gegen Falten für mehr Spannkraft

Woman, August 2012
Anti-Aging per Fingerdruck

Guide 50 Plus, Jänner 2017
Strahlend Schön
Unsere Generation, April 2017
Entfalte dein Gesicht!



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