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- What do I need to consider before starting my Face Shine Training?

Before you begin your Face-Shine Training, please control your skin’s elasticity. In case your skin is too dry, please apply a moisturizer before your first exercise.

Wear your your hair up or tie it into a bun so it doesn’t fall in your face and disturb you.

In order to exercise correctly, it is essential to start out with your exercises in front of a mirror.

Choose a comfortable position for your training – either sitting or standing up.

As your fingers serve as your training tools for your facial muscles, make sure that your hands are properly cleaned before you start your first exercise.

At first, it is recommended that you start your exercises without an audience – your grimaces are best seen only by yourself! 😉

Last not least: Before starting your Face-Shine Training, snap a selfie! Your face will soon begin to look different and you’ll want to remember your old self, won’t you?

Introduction Video

How long and how often should I perform my exercises?

Before the muscle tone has reached an adequate level it is recommended to perform your training twice a day for a period of four weeks. From then on, one daily training of five minutes should suffice.

Do I have to perform all exercises in one go?

Face-Shine Training is functional muscle training. Unlike endurance training, the aim is not to keep training for as long a time as possible. You can incorporate your exercises into your daily routine whenever you have some time to spare. Thus you might want to start in the morning on your eyes to clear your sight and continue during the day with forehead or cheeks. Time spent driving or riding the bus can be usefully spent tightening your neck or getting rid of your double chin.

How quickly may I expect to achieve a visible success?

Even from the first training on a better blood circulation of the facial skin ought to be clearly noticeable. The shine effect is to be expected within no more than 2 weeks. By strengthening the muscle tone the skin gains elasticity and your facial outlines look more pronounced. The result is a youthful and fresh look.

Can incorrect training lead to increased or stronger wrinkles?

Some people fear that incorrect facial musle training might increase their wrinkles. This is not the case. While repeated incorrect muscle motions both conscious (training) or unconscious (frowning) may indeed produce unwanted wrinkles, controled training smoothes them away. As each exercise is limited to a length of one minute and each motion is very specifically designed for the respective muscles, it would be virtually impossible to increase one’s wrinkles via Face-Shine Training. In order to make sure the right musles are trained the right way it is recommended to use a mirror to monitor your training. And one thing is absolutely certain – unlike nerve poison-  Face-Shine Training does not change your natural facial expressions but maintains them just the way they are .

The video is not running smoothly?

The video for Face-Shine Training be turned by us almost exclusively in crisp Full HD resolution.
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The best image quality HD (1080p). To play a DSL line with a minimum? 6000 kbit / s is needed. In top quality, the videos are streamed at 720p; but that requires less bandwidth.

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