Natural beauty needs a natural care!

Our facial muscles need to be trained. And our skin wants to be nourished with fresh ingredients. That’s why we love RINGANA fresh cosmetics! Fresh cosmetics means, above all, natural beauty. For us it is the perfect complement to face-shine training!

RINGANA uses only pure ingredients.  They focus on the effects of nature and work only with natural, renewable raw materials. You will not find artificial preservatives or genetically modified products. Find a small selection of our favorite products.

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Tooth oil

To a radiant face fit best healthy, bright white teeth. The RINGANA tooth oil combines the detoxifying effect of oil extraction with the cleansing force, softer, more natural plaster. The simple rinsing of the mouth immediately in the morning is due to the high-quality, cold-pressed bio-sesame oil on the whole body and contributes to the detoxification of the organism. The essential oils refresh the mouth and ensure a fresh breath. Great for on the go when there is no opportunity to brush your teeth!


Anti-Wrinkle Serum

A smart serum with multiple effect: this highly concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Serum boosts the skin with powerful high-tech substances. These are packed in tiny lipid globules that can penetrate deep into the skin where they develop their beneficial long-term effect.


Exfoliating Scrub

Our skin regenerates every day by forming new cells in the deep skin layers. These then move up to the skin’s surface and are shed. The exfoliating grains of bamboo and pomegranate seeds in the Exfoliating Scrub remove dead skin gently and thoroughly. They stimulate the circulation and restore a radiant, rosy complexion.


Sun Protection Balm

Waterproof and nano-free RINGANA SPF 20 Sun Protection Balm relies on natural mineral sun protection filters, so it’s prefect for anybody who wants to avoid synthetic UV filters. The richly nourishing balm delivers an even, healthy tan. At the same time, the product intensively combats the signs of sun-related skin aging. The balm draws in very fast and does not leave any white film on the skin. Simply perfect, especially for children with sensitive skin.


Tanning Activator

Enjoy a real holiday feel with a Health summer tan. the newly formulated RINGANA Tan Activator is an intelligent after-sun care product with special ingredients that deepen your tan. It has a delicate coconut fragrance, is quickly absorbed, and feels pleasant on the skin. It provides ideal care after sunbathing and maximises your tan. St. John’s wort extract, aloe vera and anti-inflammatory liquorice root soothe and care for sun-stressed skin.


CAPS sun

Sun-worshippers and smokers have on problem in common: both UV rays and cigarette smoke increase the body’s exposure to harmful free radicals. This can lead to premature cell and skin aging which impairs the health and appearance. Skin slackens prematurely, wrinkles from faster, the complexion loses elasticity.