Self test

Please answer the following questions with yes or no:

  • Do you notice a wrinkle between your eyes?
  • Do you look tired and have eye-rings?
  • Does your skin look pale?
  • Do your upper eyelids feel heavy or do you feel that they are lowering and your eyes look smaller?
  • Do you notice a wrinkle from your nostrils down to your mouth? They are also called naso-labial folds. They are formed by hanging cheeks.
  •  Are your facial contours no longer visible, but a second chin (double chin)?
  •  Are your mouth angles moving down? 
  • Do you have a feeling that your face does not always look so friendly?
  • Would you like to see a change in your face?
  • You do not want to have any nerve poison spurt?

If you answer 2 or more questions with “Yes”, Face-Shine Training is just right for you.

On closer look, the aged appearance doesn’t actually result, as is commonly believed, from the wrinkles per se, which can appear quite charming. The aged look is rather a consequence of sagging facial features as a whole, especially sagging jowls, an indistinct chin line, and  drooping or baggy eyelids.

These result from the fact that the muscle mass decreases with age, a development exacerbated by gravity.
Face-Shine Training is designed to counteract these effects, to tighten the subcutaneous muscles, and to give your face new grace and definition.